Atlantis Dunes 4x4 Training Course 

winner of the best 4x4 trail 2019

This is a 1 hour course covering the basics of 4x4ing for driving in the Atlantis dunes.

We start with preparing your 4x4 before entering the dunes, Do's and Dont's when driving in sand, the rules of the dunes, some 4x4 driving guided with walkie talkie radios we provide and highlights in the dunes, how not to get lost and other tips I have learnt over the years.

Please note this is Not a 4x4 recovery course, I can point you in the right direction if that is what you seek.

This course is ideal for owners of a 4x4 that wish to drive in the Atlantis sand dunes but have never been before and have little 4x4 knowledge or experience and required guidance. 

It's a good idea that you or someone in your group has a air compressor for inflating your tyres, which would also be a valuable accessory for your vehicle.

Duration is 1 hour and R500 per person or vehicle and a minimum payment of R2000, you are welcome to have your family or friends that accompany you as spectators :)


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