Intermediate to Professional Boards

Expertly built to provide you with maximum enjoyment on sand. Unbelievably strong and durable but flexible enough to try that 6m jump you've been checking out for weeks.

These Sandboards provide a smooth awesome ride and are best ridden
using snowboard bindings. They are however available with DaKine foot straps.

They are available in various lengths and colors. The shorter 1.3m Freestyle
(our biggest seller) is best for jumps while the 1.54m Hybrid is the most stable at
speed with the 1.4m Clayton Pro providing a good mix of both speed and manoeuvrability.

All are suitable for Small, Medium or Large Dunes

 Sidewinder 1.3m Freestyle

R 1650 – Dakine Foot Straps

 Sidewinder 1.3m Freestyle

 R 2 350 – Snowboard Bindings

Sidewinder 1.4m Clayton Pro
R 1750 – Dakine Foot Straps
R 2450 – Snowboard Bindings  

Beginner Board

Sidewinder Sand SK8

These boards are specially made for kids

up to about 13 years of age and are only

sold with strap bindings.

Sidewinder Sand SK8  R 1350


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