Frequently Asked Questions

What age is suitable for sandboarding ?

If your child can walk then they can pretty much sandboard, most people will fall a couple times and usually when they are about to come to a stop and lose momentum, so if you are older take this in consideration. That being said I have had a few people in their 60s and 70s . You can also sit on the board like a sled which is a lot of fun too and you cant fall as you are already sitting.


We dont get a lot of injuries and when we do it's usually a parent. We start training at a safe height usually half way up the dune and as you gain confidence we move higher up. It's more of a risk in winter which is our rain season, wet sand is hard so although we only go when the dunes are dry, they are still damp and harder than in summer. The dunes are also smaller in winter so you dont pick up the speed as you would in summer. we dont want anyone to get hurt or have a bad experience, if we see anyone struggling myself or my guides will quickly come and help explain how to control your body or recommend sitting and sledding.  

What else can we do in the area ?

I highly recommend checking out the West Coast National Park, its a beautiful nature reserve around a stunning lagoon that looks like the mediterranean, the water is much warmer than the ocean because its very shallow , its an amazing place to go after sandboarding to chill at the beach and swim , pack a picnic or go to one of the local restaurants.

A really nice restaurant on your way back to Cape Town in the quiet seaside village of Melkbos is Die Damhuis great sea food service and atmosphere another popular local eatery is Melkies , they do great pizza and tapas with a twist.


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