If you require 4x4 vehicles quad bikes and experienced drivers for film or commercial related shoots, reccies, or even a private tour of the Atlantis dunes please fell free to contact me, I have personally work in various departments in the film industry and have 10 years experience driving in the dunes, if you don't know the dunes or have any sand driving experience it can be dangerous please be cautious.

 Below is a silver 2005 ford F250 4x4 double cab 4.2 tdi XLT right hand drive and a grey 2012 toyota Hilux Xtracab 4x4 for hire

We also have a fully imported american V8 sandrail with independent bypass air suspension for a smooth ride. It can be used as a high speed off road tracking vehicle or impress your clients with the ultimate atlantis dunes reccie experience.


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