The real art of sandboarding is balancing your weight with your feet fixed to a sandboard whilst skimming down a sand dune. You can control your need for speed by firstly selecting a dune with a height and angle that you are comfortable testing your limits on, and secondly controlling your descent using a method referred to as carving which is the art of shifting your weight from your heels to your toes forcing the board to steer left or right. Once these skills have been mastered you can start throwing in a few tricks of your own like jumping and ramping off smaller dunes and busting out backflips with 180 degree spins!

There are numerous sand dunes throughout Southern Africa. Cape Town boasts two popular sites, on the West Coast are the ever shifting dunes of Atlantis which range in size up to 35 metres and on the east coast there is the massive 250 metre dune in Betty’s Bay planted on the side of a mountain, both are under an hour’s drive from the city centre. Don’t feel left out if you find yourself living in Johannesburg, there is plenty of action to be found at the Benoni mine dumps. 


Dylan is an experienced guide who will take you and your friends for a day out. He uses only professional equipment for your safety, his sandboards are imported snowboards that have been modified for use on sand with sturdy bindings that give your feet a firm grip on the board, vital for complete control and safety. Dylan can collect you in his 4x4 and take you to the heart of the dunes, there he will get you familiar with the equipment and take you step by step through the process of waxing your board, safety and the art of carving.

In no time at all your will be speeding down an untamed dune. A usual session is about four hours long and can include ice cold refreshments as well as transport to and from the dunes. You can also add quad biking and paintball to the day with a stop at a restaurant overlooking Table Mountain for a sundowner and a moment to take it all in!


 Vital Info
You should be reasonably physically fit to take part. This experience is ideal for complete beginners. 

The Weather
Sandboarding is a weather dependant activity and it does not take place in wet conditions or very high winds.

Session Length
Your Sandboarding experience will last 2.5 hours to 3 hours, depending on your stamina. It begins with a safety briefing and an introduction to the equipment. Then you tackle some basic moves and ascertain which is your leading leg under the watchful eye of a qualified instructor.

At the end of a good day we normally go to a restaurant for a sundowner and pizza, relaxing as the sun goes down behind Table Mountain.

Dress Code
Dress like you are going to the beach. Bring sunscreen, hat or cap, sunglasses, thick socks and trainers

Corporate and Team Building Events

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